Our Services

Are you among those who look for Bookkeeping? Do you want to manage your Managed payroll and bookkeeping? If your answer is YES… then Jingle’s is just for you.

We believe that running a business is a journey that should be enjoyable and prosperous, we make this happen.

What We Do

Jingle offers bookkeeping and Managed payroll services for hospitality businesses that simplify your most complex problems and help your company get where you want it to go.

Our combined weekly accounting services will save you money and time. With us, you can be burden-free and have the freedom to focus on running your business to its full potential.

Managed Payroll

Our Managed payroll services for small and medium businesses include Managed payroll management, compliance, accessible reports, detailed activity report, dedicated account manager, and other much more additional resources.


Our Bookkeeping services for small and medium businesses include accounts payable management, accounts receivable management, electronic document management, recording & reconciling Managed payroll transactions, and other on-demand additional resources.


We offer comprehensive financing and refinancing services for commercial loans and leases and we assess each situation presented to us totally for free.